For the last few years, I’ve worked with the Google Creative Lab to help launch new products and campaigns. Check some of them out below.

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Project: Pixel 3 Launch

The Pixel 3 launched in the fall of 2018 and its camera had some pretty snazzy features. We made spots to showcase the magic of the Top Shot and Google Lens features and to get people excited about the launch of the new phone.

Role: Writer / creative


Project: Chromebook Re-Launch

Chromebooks are pretty awesome. They're computers made for a new era of “computering.” Kind of like how Uber is for a new era of commuting. And airbnb is for a new era of traveling. But most people still think of them as just affordable computers.

So, in partnership with the talented folks from Arts + Letters, we re-introduced Chromebooks to the world as the modern way of computing.

Role: Campaign concepting + tagline copywriting + production + transcreation of Spanish campaign.


Project: Google Translate vs La Bamba

Google Translate updated its mobile app with 20 new languages. We tested them all out by translating the lyrics to La Bamba.

Spoiler alert: The song still makes no sense.

Role: Video concepting + production


Project: AutoDraw

By pairing artists' drawings with machine learning, our team at the Google Creative Lab was able to launch AutoDraw, the first drawing tool for people who suck at drawing.

What started out as a little drawing experiment turned into a magical tool that could be used by anyone around the world to draw anything from educational flashcards to renaissance masterpieces to itty bitty penises. 

Role: Product launch narrative + positioning, naming, social copy, website copy, press release and launch video.


Project: Google Maps

While at Venables Bell + Partners, our team partnered with 1st Avenue Machine to help build a 9-ft. tall, Google Maps-inspired Labyrinth that shows how getting there is all the fun.

Role: Video concepting + production


Project: Google Fiber

Google Fiber is proof the internet has come a long way. It's as fast as it gets. To help spread the news of this awesome, speedy Google product we made a simple and educational launch video.

Role: Video concepting